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Founded in New York City 1966 as an off-shoot from the East Village Other, INNERSPACE is somewhat forgotten today. The magazine seems to have been intended as a level-headed and intelligent forum for discussion of contemporary psychedelic matters. Unlike the Psychedelic Review it is strongly geared towards current events, with occasional excursions into historical and contextual matters. The timing was perfect, and today Innerspace is an interesting read that gives a perspective on the LSD explosion that is analytical yet remains clearly on the inside.

Many of the big names of the era appear in the paper, either in person or via reports, and there are also interesting reports from local underground acid scenes around the USA. The Philadelphia correspondent was Ira Einhorn, who later was involved with the Psychedelic Review, and later still became famous as a fugitive serial killer. The graphic design is elegant and sober in an Eastcoast way, although the print quality is only average. Five or six issues appeared in 1966-67 before the magazine ran out of funds.

Innerspace's slice of psychedelic history is its own, and the magazine is essential to any well-stocked lysergic library. Unfortunately the issues are somewhat hard to find. 

nnerspace issue #3                  Innerspace issue #4


Innerspace #3, December 1966

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Editorial, mast-head & brief items on chemical LSD antagonists, and Ken Kesey & the Diggers

Innerspace3_Diggers1.jpg (356194 bytes)  Innerspace3_Diggers2.jpg (410618 bytes)  Innerspace3_Diggers3.jpg (348772 bytes)
The Diggers

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Allen Ginsberg's thoughts on LSD usage & legislation, from a debate at the National Student Association, Aug-1966

Innerspace3_PA_Einhorn.jpg (302565 bytes)
Ira Einhorn reports on the acid scene in Philadelphia

Innerspace3_BowenSF.jpg (374398 bytes)
Michael Bowen reports from San Francisco (shortly before the Human Be-In)

Innerspace3_Leary.jpg (430885 bytes)
Review and comments on Timothy Leary & the Millbrook gang shows at the Village Theatre, Oct-1966


Innerspace #4, Spring 1967

Lisa Bieberman on LSD's status among advocates and opponents

Michael Bowen reports from the recently held Human Be-In in San Francisco


An article on Drop City, an early commune that drew inspiration from Buckminster Fuller

An open letter from Lisa Bieberman to psychedelic researcher Humphry Osmond about the meaning of the word 'psychedelic' and other things; Osmond's gentlemanly reply.

Various LSD news from around the US



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